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by Executed

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released December 10, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Liam Geary at Moondog Recordings

Logo and artwork by Brendan Coughlin



all rights reserved



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Track Name: The Noose
My life is lined with deceit.
Only time you ever needed me was when you were in defeat.
You're a weak fucking joke,
the only salvation is the thought of you hanging by a rope.

Not a single person in your life
can save you when your backs straight to a fuckin knife.
You're out of time, out of touch and piece of mind.
Now watch your shitty ways mace you fucking blind.

Fuck all you fake fucking cowards.
Execution by the noose, bitch.

Run your mouth when you can hide
behind every fucking bitch standing by your side.
Your actions will be judged by the jury,
and you'll experience my taste of fury.

Your fate was sealed
and now its your time
to get whats coming
you die tonight.

Execution by the noose.
Track Name: Immolation Of The Weak (ft. Sam Bird of Distinctions)
Death, it comes for us all. The faster we run, the harder we fall. I won't submit. I will give it my all. Until it's my time to answer the reapers call. I hope it hurts that you live with this curse, to be regarded as a rat. You'll remember the day that the air became fire, and you were no longer desired.

I refuse to be a victim like you. A crusade on humanity. Flames soar, and I don't know what's worse, to die on my own or to slither the earth? The ground rips open as they drag you down, eternal sacrifice to the brimstone

Arrogant. You're gonna get what you deserve. A mass grave meant to nourish the earth. The sun is setting and the dead are alive. The ultimate struggle to survive through the night. Hell calls as the devil swings his hammer. The weak will flee. They'll cower and clamour. It's judgement day and only the strong will survive. Immolation of the weak.

Unity is a fucking illusion. Everyone you trust is going to stab you in the fucking back. The hammer drops tonight motherfucker.